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We deliver high impact Staffing solutions with innovative strategies Technology Search Experts Our Services we pride ourselves on offering the best solution the first time Technology Search Experts Our Services Our Expert Search Consultants   Our consultants have substantial experience gained
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Technology Search provides professional cost effective recruitment solutions. We take the time to understand your needs in great detail. With our dedicated and experienced recruitment consultants, our market knowledge and our emphasis on quality and satisfaction, we pride ourselves on offering the best solution.

Service Bundle

At Technology Search we apply our in-depth understanding of technology, using the most up-to-date methodology.

Big Data

Businesses today are migrating to big data, searching for a way to organise, distribute, analyse and gain actionable insights from it. We network with teams in IT and support to build advanced analytical capabilities.

Cloud Computing

We work with companies to fully understand their cloud computing initiatives to provide highly qualified IT resources to fill each of the key cloud staffing roles that guarantee a successful implementation.

Web/Application Development

Technology Search provides professional resources for web application development, client/server development, application migration and application integration services.


We have highly skilled consultants ready to support your implementation or ongoing sustainment of Hadoop and we differentiate ourselves in providing consultants at all levels in the Hadoop practice.

ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package can be an overwhelming task. Today’s ERP systems are mission critical, while at the same time being extremely complex.


DevOps has quickly become the fastest growing role in IT. However the demand for DevOps Engineers far surpasses the supply of candidates available in today’s market.

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